Dear Ignorant Teenager,

Anna Maynard,
Let me first start out by saying that I do not know you since you are much younger than me but I realize we have quite a few mutual friends since you once attended my former high school. It has been brought to my attention that you think people should “get over” 9/11 because it’s been 13 years and that “they’re dead”. This is what I have to say to you: your profile on FB states that you started high school in 2014 which leads me to believe that you are in freshman standing and are around the age of 14/15. With that being said, you must’ve been a small infant when 9/11 occurred, which means you probably remember absolutely nothing. You don’t remember sitting in a classroom and receiving the news from your teacher, you don’t remember watching your parents stare at the television for hours on end, you don’t remember watching people cry, and I bet you don’t have any family members that were called into action that terrible day to save lives. You can apologize for what you have said but you cannot take back your hurtful words. You obviously have no idea how that day impacted our nation. You say that we should be worried about our troops that Obama sent over seas? Fun fact for you: our troops were first deployed after the attacks of September 11 and they were most definitely not first sent by Obama. I’m sorry you have such negative views and I hope you you can someday rethink some of your values. With all of the negative comments you are receiving on your wall, I do not feel sorry for you. Thousands of people died that day and the days after. Fathers, mothers, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, best friends lives were taken by an act of terrorism on our country. I’m glad you’ve never had to experience something so devastating and traumatic but please leave your ignorance off Facebook.

Jess Baker



One thought on “Dear Ignorant Teenager,

  1. So sad that these young girls are so disrespectful now a days, My momma would have smacked me right upside my head, if I said some ignorant crap like that. What is WRONG with these girls.

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