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Traveling With Your Significant Other

Best friend. Boyfriend. Meanie Pants. Feeshy. (Insert profanity here). I called Nick A LOT of names over the past two months but I swear they were all out of love.

We started talking about this adventure almost a year ago, and last week was when it finally came to an end. Over the past 2+ months, I have learned many things. Not only about myself as a person, but myself as a person who is committed to someone else. Many people raised their eyebrows a year ago when we started talking about this so far in advance, “what if you guys don’t last?”; (1) thanks for your support. Yes, that is my sarcasm speaking, and (2) what if we do last? Obviously, we did last despite what some people thought. Not only did we last over this past school year, but also we successfully survived our journey together…although we had some rough patches at times.

Traveling with your best friend is an adventure, not only because you’re hopping from one country to another every other day but also because you learn so much about each other on the way.

What I Learned:

Patience: Yeah, maybe my patience isn’t exactly where it should be (not even close), but it has definitely improved over the past couple months. Before this trip, I had absolutely ZERO patience. I could hold no horses whatsoever. Now, after being forced to hold those horses and take a deep breath (thanks to Nick), I have learned that it’s a lot less stressful when I’m not freaking out about something. Not everything is going to go my way and that’s just something I have to deal with…eventually.

How to plan: I am the definition of a control freak and nothing bothers me more when something doesn’t go my way (see above). This time, there was another person there doing the planning along my side so I had to quickly adjust to working with another person to make sure things ran smoothly. Procrastination often drove our “planning” into the ground, and after being stuck in France for the lack thereof planning, we learned our lesson. It took us a few times to get everything together for each trip but it was well worth the time, effort, and money. I have absolutely no idea how travel agents do this, there are so many minor details that needed to be worked out *sigh*.

How to budget money: Budgeting has not always been my strongest area and I quickly learned that I needed to work on that area unless I wanted to go into debt. I was doing fine: booking flights/hotels/train rides that were all reliable but cheap, and not buying a lot of souvenirs or expensive meals. Since Nick and I aren’t married, we don’t share a bank account so I was doing this all on my own. THEN, about two weeks before our trip ended, I lost my credit card. I had gotten a special Chase account so that I wouldn’t be charged international transaction fees which worked great until I didn’t have that anymore or a debit card to use. This is where Nick came in. He agreed to take care of everything else that had to be taken care of (with me paying him back of course). Unfortunately, since this was no longer my money I was spending, I became obsessed with making sure that we weren’t spending a lot since it wasn’t mine. This was quite the adventure and we were able to work through everything together *high-five*.

How to open up: Nick and I have always been particularly close since we go to school together but we were able to become even closer on this trip (awhhhh). Although we were with other people the first few weeks, I still didn’t have any of my close friends to rant to or take a shopping break with. I felt even worse when we were on our own and all I had was Nick. Don’t get me wrong, he is the best but there comes a time when a girl needs her girlfriends. Of course, I couldn’t keep anything bottled up when something was wrong so Nick learned how to be a “girlfriend”/great listener while I learned that it’s okay to let everything out to him. After all, he is my boyfriend.

How to live: It’s one thing to be on your own and be under the impression that you are truly living but it’s another thing to be with someone else who shows you how to live. I never thought the day would come when I met someone who wanted to push life’s limits just as much as I did. Nick and I went on so many adventures and we did things that I probably wouldn’t have done on my own. He pushed me. I pushed him. In turn, we discovered this amazing force that drove us both into the fast lane. It was truly a great feeling.

So if you are thinking about traveling with your significant other but have doubts, remember this: all of your “kinks” don’t need to be worked out to go somewhere. Traveling can help a relationship grow stronger and it truly shows whether or not that person is in your life to stay or go. Personally, I would love for Nick to stick around, he is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I thank God for him everyday. Love you, Feeshy.


Yik Yak Anonymous


Have you joined the Yik Yak world on your campus yet? If not, prepare for an app that just as addicting as Twitter and 30 times more offensive than the whole internet combined. Yik Yak is an endless world on anonymous possibilities. It’s basically a place where the Greek community fights with each other and you realize that you are surrounded by a bunch of assholes, funny assholes I suppose. Think you have an addiction to Yik Yak? Check below to see if any of these apply. 

1.) Yik Yak is now apart of your daily social media routine. Twitter. Facebook. Yik Yak. Instagram. Timehop. Tumblr. Buzzfeed. Repeat.

2.) It is now also apart of your bathroom routine.

3.) You have started to use “yak” or “yakking” as normal verbs in your vocabulary. 

4.) It’s a constant struggle to pay attention in class when you just want to know what’s going on around campus.

5.) Hear a siren? Better check Yik Yak to see which building is on fire.

6.) You start questioning the sanity of the people you go to school with.

7.) You “upvote” your own post within seconds and stare at it until someone else thinks it’s just as funny as you did.

8.) Popularity in your group of friends is now based around your “Yarkarma Score”

9.) You are known as a “Yakker”.

10.) When something Yik Yak worthy happens it is always a race to say, “I call yakking that”.

11.) You let others know if one of your Yaks is at the top of the hot page.

12.) You’re offended when that person doesn’t care that your Yak is at the top of the hot page.

13.) You are constantly walking around and asking people if they saw that on Yik Yak.

14.) Instead of putting your funny thoughts on Twitter, you now put them on Yik Yak. It’ll obviously be more appreciated there.

 15.) You find yourself making things up just to sound funny. Did someone really just run into a tree with their bike and fall down? No? Oh well, I’m going to make a funny yak anyway saying that happened.

16.) You screenshot things and send them to your friends asking if they “yakked” that or just because you think it applies to them.

17.) You now enjoy the spinning Yak at the top of the page far more than you enjoy the spinning ghost for Snapchat. Maybe they should get married?

18.) You despise people who aren’t original. Since you’re on there 24/7, you know when something is a repost…or off Tumblr.

19.) You’re sad that it’s summer and Yik Yak won’t be as funny in your hometown.

20.) You realize that you are now much more knowledgeable since joining the “Yik Yak world” on campus. Without it, you would never know the right/wrong things to do/wear on campus.

21.) You walk around campus like you are some sort of higher being all because your Yak got over 60 ^. 

Happy Yakking. 


My Miami

As I sit here in my dorm, I cannot decide whether my life feels like it is in a downward spiral simply because it is finals week or because I am leaving the country for two months in about four days.

At what point in time did someone decide that one exam is an acceptable measure to test student’s knowledge acquired throughout a semester? I would like to travel back in time to discourage this completely ridiculous idea. I’m sure it is quite clear but I am fully confident that my brain is fried and I look like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off.

But, as I look over material for my exam tomorrow, I can’t help but think about what an amazing semester this has been here at Miami. I have met so many amazing new people, grown closer with others and I have grown as a person. I am officially done with my sophomore year of college, which means I only have two to go. Thinking about graduating in two years makes me extremely sad. Two years sounds like a long time away but in reality it’s not. High school seemed to drag on for what seemed like more than four years but now I am currently asking myself where these past two years have gone. It seems they have just vanished in the blink of an eye. The next two are going to fly by just as fast, if not faster. As I realize how much time I don’t have, I am constantly looking for new opportunities before I have to put on my big girl pants and go out into the “real” world, which does not even seem so real anymore (that’s a post for another day though).

For a moment, let’s rewind to my senior year of high school. In the winter of my senior year, I had applied to about 11 schools; I was accepted to all of them, which made it even harder to choose. In the spring of my senior year, I visited Miami University with one of my best friends. Mind you that this was my first, and only, college visit ever. I knew when I stepped on the campus that this was where I would spend the next four years. After that, I talked with a few of my friends who were already freshmen in college trying to get their perspective on things. To my surprise one person had told me that they were already signing a lease for a house for their junior year. THAT WAS SO FAR AWAY. I was extremely baffled by the fact that someone could come to college, not even for a whole year at that, and sign to live in a house with people they just met. How did she know she was still going to like these people by then? I was extremely confused.

 Fast forward back to present day. I am currently sitting in my dorm with my boyfriend and his roommate who is one of my best friends. Down the hall from me are about 14 people who I met first semester of my freshman year. We are currently finishing up our second year and we are all just as close. Next year, I will be living in a house with 8 other people, all of whom I lived with last year and live with this year. I did not think I would find myself the best group of people someone could surround themselves with, but I did. I am not necessarily sad that I will be leaving Oxford in two years, I am sad that I will not be no more than ten feet from any of these amazing individuals that have become my family. That’s the hard part about graduating college, leaving behind the people that mean the most to you while you are in college. We have all had our downs with each other but the ups definitely surpass those in more ways than one.

So, as I sit here in my dorm room, I have come to the realization that my life is not in a downward spiral but that it is just one of those times when everything feels like it’s crashing down around me. That would actually be true if it weren’t for the amazing people I have here with me. Thanks guys, love you all.

P.S. This was written since I don’t feel like studying now.